Massage Has Many Medical Benefits

Massage Has Many Medical Benefits

Sure, scheduling a massage sounds like a luxury, something you do when you’re flush with cash. Did you know, though, that massage offers a bevy of medical benefits? According to Mayo Clinic, massage is classified as “complementary” or “alternative” medicine. Increasingly, physicians suggest that patients add massage to their overall healthcare routine.

Various forms of massage have been practiced for thousands of years, leaving us with over 80 styles of message therapy to choose from. There’s a massage for whatever may be ailing you.

Tender Muscles, Circulation Problems, Nerve Compression, and Posture Issues: Look into neuromuscular massage for these issues. Neuromuscular therapy addresses trigger points and manipulates soft tissue in order to treat chronic pain.

Fatigue, Lack of Energy, and Tension: Swedish massage marries long, kneading strokes with light, rhythmic strokes on the top layers of muscle. The soft movements ease away stress and tapping strokes work tired muscles, leaving you rested and energized.

Back Sprain and Muscle Injuries: Although some people don’t enjoy the pressure involved in a deep tissue massage, the slow, deliberate strokes are a great way to work sore muscles, tendons, and joints. If you suffer from chronic pain, talk to your masseuse about the benefits of deep tissue therapy.

Overall Sense of Wellbeing: Shiatsu means “finger pressure” in Japanese. The therapist will use varied, rhythmic pressure on precise points of your body that are believed to be vital to the flow of body energy (called chi). If you just really want to chill out, consider shiatsu.

Sports Injury: As the name implies, a sports massage is designed to work muscles used when you’re getting your game on. It helps muscle strain, promotes flexibility, and aids healing.

Pregnancy: A pregnancy massage can help reduce stress, decrease arm and leg swelling, and reduce joint pain. It may also be particularly helpful for lower back pain. Using specially designed massage pillows, our therapist will get you into a comfortable position prior to working on your specific issues.

If you’re not quite sure what kind of massage is best for your particular condition, talk to our therapists. They will be able to recommend something that has worked well for their other clients. You might as well put that experience to good use!