Let Your Lips Do the Talking

Let Your Lips do the Talking

Lips can be transformative. Just changing the shade from a luscious PINK to a deep RED can transform your mood as well as the way other’s perceive you. The color you choose to wear on your lips can convey your present state of mind, say a lot about your attitude and style and also express a world of emotions.

Sanctuary Salon, The Best Day Spa in Orlando suggests you let you lip color do all the talking this spring with GloMinerals Suede Matte Lip Color Collection.

POP! PUNCH!! CRUSH!!! Some days you want your lips to POP, other days you want them to pack a PUNCH and then, there are those days you want to give that “someone special” something to CRUSH on. Going out for brunch with the girls? Be sure to be noticed with that sun-kissed look and a POP of orange lipstick! Mean business? Nothing says power like a PUNCH of pink! Not too loud, not too dull but just right!

PINUP or BOMBSHELL?! Which one do you fell like being today?
Every girl wants to feel glamorous from time to time. For those days or for a special occasion, pamper your lips with a color that says sexy BOMBSHELL or one that makes you feel PINUP gorgeous!

PORT vs SORBET We’re not talking about whether you like PORT wine or SORBET ice cream. Instead we are talking about which color lipstick will you be wearing this Spring? While SORBET is a subtle pink for the day, PORT is perfect for your night time look!

MEMENTO Misty water color memories The perfect blend of pink and brown with a hint of shimmer, just fitting when walking down memory lane.

TRADEMARK/MONOGRAM Just want to be yourself today? TRADEMARK and MONOGRAM are mellow lip colors that could definitely become your “Signature” color!

DEMURE Feeling shy today? DEMURE says, “I am being the simplest version of me today”!

BLISS A beautiful shade of warmth that expresses joy and peace. Perfect for the most blissful time of year Spring!

Now that you have been introduced to all the newest, hottest lip colors for Spring, please stop by Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa and pick out the perfect color for whatever mood you are in! All the new spring colors come in two different formulas, Suede Matte Crayon or stick. Both perfect for any occasion.

Just in time for Mother’s Day receive a free lip gloss with any $50 GloMinerals Makeup Purchase. And remember while you are visiting Sanctuary Salon, the Best Day Spa in Orlando, please check out our specials for facials and medical skin care.