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How to Pick the Perfect Stylist for You

Finding a stylist who is right for you can be annoying and cumbersome. Whether it is because you moved away from the stylist you’ve been seeing for ages, or because you had a bad experience and are looking for someone else, the search for the ideal stylist can be a long one. A major part of the process is essentially trial and error, but the result is worth it in the end.

Here are some tips that will help you in your pursuit of a great look:

Get the Particulars of Your Current Look

If you are happy with your current look and have an amicable relationship with your stylist, ask them for details on what they do. Most stylists will willingly write down the formulas they used for you, so you can share them with your new stylist.

Ask for Recommendations

Word of mouth is oftentimes the best way to find a new stylist. You can ask your neighbours, friends, colleagues and even strangers for recommendations. As is patently obvious, only ask people whose style you find attractive and might like to emulate.

Research Them on Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest et al have transformed the way we live in a number of ways, and finding reviews/referrals is one. These platforms allow you to reach out to hundreds of people in your area and enquire about their preferences and recommendations.

Social media platforms make it exceptionally easy to view the contact details and reviews of businesses around your area. Hair salons, spas and studios regularly post their work online. You can see a stylist’s entire portfolio and decide if his style/approach works for you.

Make the Most of the Consultation

You need to book a consultation before your first styling appointment with a new stylist! A consultation gives both you and your stylist time to know each other and understand your hair, skin and desired look. You can inform the stylist of your style history, how you manage your hair and skin daily, and the hair and skincare products you use.

These consultations are generally free, and are a great way to find the stylist that is ideal for you!

Carry Pictures

Carry pictures that show both what style you want and what you don’t so that you and your stylist are on the same page. You could also show the stylist pictures of one of your looks that you liked so the stylist can understand your style.

Trust Your Instincts

Expertise is not the only factor in finding a great stylist; you also need to get along with him/her. If you don’t feel comfortable being frank with your stylist, or if you sense that the stylist won’t listen to your ideas, it’s highly unlikely that you will have a great experience.

Honest communication with your stylist is important at all times.

Is Your Stylist Professional?

There is little that is more frustrating than making an appointment with a professional and then being treated as a low priority. Your stylist should be extremely supportive of your desired look, should be on time, treat you respectfully and kindly and take efforts in styling your hair.

Is Your Stylist Knowledgeable?

It is imperative that your stylist has a good understanding of the color products they use and be able to apply them for the perfect look. They should advise you on what colors will go well with your skin tone, what haircuts will suit your face shape, what products you should use, and help you style your hair the way you visualize it.

You would do well to find a stylist that isn’t afraid to be honest with you! The perfect stylist is one that keeps your hair and skin health as their primary concern.

The ideal stylist truly cares about his clients and shares his ideas with them. The stylist’s job is to make sure you look your best and you should be able to trust his judgement in following your inputs.


In summation, we can say that picking a stylist is mainly about where you feel comfortable and who you get along with. You are likely going to be visiting them regularly and spending a decent chunk of time with them. When picking the ideal stylist, ask around for recommendations, use social media to research, schedule a consult with a stylist you’re interested in, bring photos, don’t visit someone who isn’t professional, and make sure their expertise meets your needs!

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