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Hottest Hair Color This Fall; Any Shade of Red

Fall is the perfect season to have red hair. But not everyone is blessed with natural red hair color. Still, with the right stylist and professional products you too can Rock it like a Redhead! There are so many options and combination to chose from: Strawberry Blonde, Copper, Auburn, Mahogany and more. There are many ways to achieve beautiful natural looking red hair, here are 4 tips you will need to know before taking the ‘red plunge.’

Find a Stylist:

This will be your most important task. Once you find the right stylist the first question that you will need to answer is how much red do you want. You can do all over red, subtle low lights or the trendy ombre look which will give you red coloring just at the end of your hair color.

Find your Desired Color:

Search magazines or Pinterest for your favorite look. This helps your stylist in identifying the exact look and desired tone of red you want.

Red Hair is not very loyal!

Please keep this in mind. However, you will be able to keep your hair color vibrant and beautiful with the proper regime geared toward color-treated hair, including shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for your hair’s color treatment. Be sure to keep your sun exposure to a minimum, and avoid excessive use of hot styling tools.

Rock it like a Redhead!

Know the trends! Redheads are stunning and classically beautiful with lots of volume and gorgeous body.

Don’t forget the Makeup

Skin tone: Warm or Cool? If you have blue-purple veins then you are warm. If you have blue-green veins you are cool. A warm redhead should choose a foundation or concealer with yellow or peach based shades. Cool redheads should choose a foundation or concealer with neutral or pink base.

EyeColor – If you have:
Green Eyes: pinks or plums
Blue Eyes: gold based and peach
Hazel Eyes: gold or jewel tone
Brown Eyes: any color will work!
Blush or Lip Color: Brick or toast lipsticks and blush will add warmth and bring out the natural dept of a redhead’s skin tone. For intense color, blue-based reds look best and purple is fabulous!