Have a Jolly Transition

Have a Jolly Transition

The time to transition from fall to winter is upon us! The hardest part of change from one season to another is the preparation. Preparing yourself physically, mentally and spiritually takes work, and it is well worth it. The change of seasons affects your mood and your mood affects how you feel about yourself. If you are not happy or confident in yourself, you will have a miserable season and you will not even know why.

The simple trick? Make the change fun! Come to the spa, change your hair style, change the color of eye shadow you use, change your nails! Having a preferred ‘style’ that fits your needs and mood for each season will make you feel like a new person every season, instead of feeling that transitional blah that comes with the adjustment to the new weather patterns.

Now that the season is changing, you need to change too. Don new styles in everything you do! Embrace the colors, feelings, and looks of winter. Treat yourself to warm, relaxing days at our spa and get little snowmen painted on your nails. Nothing is more relaxing than a day at the spa.

It makes you look better and most importantly of all it makes you feel better about yourself. The better you feel, the better you are. Remember, a season is what you make it, and you won’t make it fun unless you feel good about yourself first.

What should you have done, you ask? Salt glows, waxes, facials, massages, and body wraps are just the basics, and they all make you feel better about yourself. In the massage category alone there are multiple choices from the Relaxation Massage to the Deep Tissue Massage, as well as the complicated Full-body Massage.

You can also choose to do a Body Treatment, a wonderful, relaxing treatment that leaves your skin velvety smooth thanks to the massage therapist rubbing a mixture of sea salt, oil, and aromatics into your skin. Once you’re finished you feel refreshed and ready for anything!

Then there is the salt glow (also known as a salt scrub or sea salt scrub), one of the most popular spa treatments available. A salt glow also hydrates your skin because the salt is combined with oil and usually some aromatic like lemon, lavender, or even figs. (Spas can get very creative here.)

The salt glow is followed by a shower and leaves your skin feeling very soft and fragrant.

The trick is to choose the one that makes you feel better.

After your day at our spa, go buy yourself a coffee, watch the snow fall, and pat yourself on the back. You are now ready for winter!