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Custom Facials at Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa

Every one’s skin is unique and subject to a wide range of genetic factors, and environmental and lifestyle exposures that directly affect your skin. Our approach is to first understand each client’s individual skin type.

That’s why, besides a range of facials such as the Sanctuary Signature Facial, the Hydra-Refining Facial, the Anti-Aging Facial, the Radiance Renewal Facial – Sanctuary also provides customised facials to suit individual needs.


Custom facials can address a variety of needs such as environmental damage, acne, premature aging or patchy skin. Sometimes, you may feel stressed about your complexion without really knowing what the problem is. You may want to consider booking a custom facial at Sanctuary, the best spa in Orlando, Florida.

Sanctuary’s estheticians are knowledgeable and well trained, with the skills to recognize your skin type, identify the problem, and tailor a skincare treatment just for you.

Remember, facials are extremely relaxing experiences, allowing you to release your daily stresses and find mental peace and quiet in a safe and healthy way. Sanctuary offers a plush, soothing ambience; an atmosphere of unparalleled comfort where you will feel pampered, relaxed and peaceful.


At Orlando’s best, most luxurious spas, we offer a multi-step customised facial – after a detailed consult with our esthetician who will analyze your skin, problem and lifestyle to design the best treatment for you. The basic stages include:

Deep cleansing: to remove makeup, dirt, oil from the surface, clearing the pores to encourage healthier skin. Cleansing with steam helps to prep the skin for the rest of the treatment.

Exfoliation: to leave your skin rejuvenated. Depending on what your skin needs, a customised exfoliation mask is applied.

Face massage: to promote circulation and leave you completely relaxed. It can help to minimize the appearance of fine lines and reduce sagging skin.

Facial mask: The customized treatment mask helps to address specific skin concerns and leave your complexion look soothed, balanced and bright.

Neck, shoulder & hand massage: to benefit your body and your mood. Such massages improve blood circulation, relieve muscle soreness, reduce eye strain, and relax the system so you feel free from anxiety and stress.


  • We have well trained, experienced and knowledgeable Estheticians.
  • Medical facials are not only relaxing & pampering but extra focus and attention is given to serious skin concerns to achieve the results your skin needs.
  • State of the art skin care private rooms equipped with latest equipment.
  • Medical grade products with stronger concentration & prescription strength ingredients along with effective peels and microdermabrasion can be used to tackle serious skin concerns like acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and loss of elasticity.

Sanctuary is the best hair salon & med spa in Windermere offering expert and customized services for skincare. They customize a plan to lighten and brighten your skin effectively and comfortably in their luxury spa in Orlando.

Sanctuary also has extensive experience treating skin of color.

Call today to book your customized facial at the Award Winning Hair Salon and Spa in Orlando and let our trained estheticians help you get clear, luminous skin.