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Balayage – Low Maintenance without Compromise.

Different to traditional highlights, this technique can be customized to create a large variety of unique looks – edgy, multi-tonal, high contrast or dialed down for a softer more sun-kissed look. There are literally thousands of color schemes that can be achieved with a single technique that looks great on almost anybody! Most top hair salons in Orlando offer this technique/procedure as a part of their repertoire.

Application is King! – Because Balayage is hand-painted, your stylist can choose the placement to best complement your hair cut, skin and features, allowing your stylist to work with each individual’s natural growth pattern, as well as the variances in the hair.  In other words, where color is not placed is as important as where color is placed. This balance is very difficult to master, and not every haircut salon in Orlando can do justice to your hair and this technique. You will have to visit the right hairstylist in Orlando, Florida in order to get the ideal Balayage application.

With a smooth blended stroke of color, your stylist can enhance your look or just refresh your color without a bold total overhaul.  Balayage is perfect to amp up your curls or seamless for even the straightest hair and grows out beautifully meaning less maintenance. A softly blended, fabulous and effortless color that is unique to you, Balayage is stunning and flawless and truly one of the most artistic techniques in hair color services. Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa is the best hair salon in Orlando for such procedures.

So now that you have gotten that perfect Balayage, at-home care and maintenance are crucial for your hair’s integrity and polish to keep your hair looking great.  Our team at Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa – a luxurious hair salon in Orlando – is committed to recommending the best products to help you keep your beautiful hue long after you leave the hair salon Call today to make your Balayage appointment with one of Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa’s highly trained team of professional stylists! Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa is an Award Winning Hair Salon and Spa in Orlando.