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5 Beautiful Benefits of Facials

Aaah, facials! What an excellent way to relax and renew your skin and if you think facials are pampering, you are right!  But facials do far more than provide a temporary lift to your spirits and a glow to your skin. They deep clean, nourish and rejuvenate our skin and work hard long after the “feel good” is gone.

With stressful lifestyles and rising pollution in our urban environment, it’s inevitable that the impact shows in our skin….especially on the face. Since healthy skin replaces skin cells every 28 days, its essential to follow an appropriate skin care regimen with regular facials.

What is a facial?

A facial is a multi-step skin treatment that includes deep cleaning, steam, face masks, exfoliation, extractions, massage and can be enhanced by adding microdermabrasion and LED.  Depending on the type of facial you need they can be highly moisturizing or toning and firming and should be tailored to treat specific problem areas and skin conditions. Our highly trained professional estheticians will choose the one that is right for your personal skin type and concerns resulting in amazing benefits for your skin

Cleansing:  Even though you cleanse your skin at home, a cleansing facial does a deeper, more effective job. A deep cleansing facial will rid your skin of oil buildup, toxins and dirt as well as protect you skin from bacteria that can cause inflammation.  Steam will open up the pores which will aid in cleansing along with exfoliation to help unclog pores thus enabling better absorption of skin care products.

Blackhead and whitehead removal: For those with oily acne prone, dark and dull skin, facials are your best solution.  Combining steam with extractions, blackheads and whiteheads are easily removed to help future breakouts.  This process helps clear the skin allowing it to breathe again resulting in smoother skin.

Reduce dark circles and bags:  The skin around the eyes is sensitive, delicate and thinner than anywhere on your face and requires extra care.  With this area being more sensitive, it’s common to develop crow’s feet, bags and dark circles around the eyes. During the facial, eye treatments will soothe and nourish the area.  Combined with hydrating creams or lotions you will see a reduction in the fine lines and tone by providing much needed hydration and nutrients so that your skin can rejuvenate itself.

Rejuvenate the skin: Think of a facial as a spa therapy that leaves your skin softer, younger and truly transformed that includes a feel good massage of the facial muscles which aid in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, resulting in reduction of puffiness and sagging which causes the signs of aging

Stress Buster: Women in particular are especially prone to stress and can manifest itself in the form of acne, pain, inflammation, sagging and deterioration of the skin. Facials allow you slow down and are the ultimate gift of pampering and self-care.  The foundation of good skin care, facials should be part of your beauty regime and your powerful secret ingredient to beautiful younger looking skin.

While it is necessary to follow a good facial routine, it also helps to invest in professional skin treatment from highly trained and experienced estheticians.

At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa, the best day spa in Orlando, FL, our highly trained and experienced estheticians will discuss your concerns and customize your facial leaving your skin hydrated, fresh, rejuvenated and restored. 

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