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Covid Precautions

Welcome to Sanctuary!

We are so happy to have all of our amazing guests back!

The safety of our clients and our staff is our top priority. That is why we want to make you aware of the steps we are taking to protect everyone’s health and safety, as we continue to follow a stringent infection prevention protocol.  Communication, visibility and consistency are imperative, you have put your trust in Sanctuary and we will never stop working to keep you feeling safe.

When you visit Sanctuary all staff and guests are required to wear masks and have temperature checks upon entering. Any employee or guest who has a temperature above 99°F will be sent home or refused service immediately.

At the Front Desk:

Each client upon entering must sign COVID-19 Pandemic Hair Treatment Consent Form
All unnecessary items have been removed (magazines, service menu’s, etc)
All tables, seats, reception desk, door handles, credit card machines, retail area and pens have been sanitized between each guest.  We recommend the use of credit/debit transactions, instead of cash, as an added precaution.
We will be checking out one client at a time only.  So we ask that you be patient and wait your turn.
There is a hand sanitizer station set up, as well as hand sanitizer at the reception desk, stylist stations and throughout the salon.

Styling Stations:

All work station and chairs are sanitized between each client.
Capes and stylist smocks are changed between each guest and washed every day.
Disinfectants used for immersion for shears, combs, brushes, color applicators, pins, and styling tools is changed daily or sooner if it becomes contaminated.
Hand sanitizers are set up at each stylist station.


Spa staff wears both mask and face shield for client’s protection.
Spa door handles and spa waiting area chairs are sanitized after each guest.
Clean smocks are provided for each guest.
After each treatment, linens are removed and replaced. Including: sheets, towels, blankets and head cover.
Lotion bottles, skin care products, tools and equipment are sanitized after each guest.
Hand sanitizers are available in each room.

Laser Spa:

Clients must wear masks and remain at outer door and ring doorbell for access to Laser Spa. Front Desk staff will greet each guest and temperature checks are done prior to entering into Laser Spa.
Laser Technicians wear masks and face shields for client’s protection.
Gloves are used by Laser Tech’s and disposed of between each client.
All door knobs, desk tops, credit cards machines, pens and common area is disinfected between each client.
After each treatment; sanitation, disinfection and sterilization procedures are done for all treatment rooms, laser equipment, products and treatment implements.
There is a no visitor policy. No guests (including children) are allowed at the Laser Spa.

At Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa we believe that the bond we have with our clients has always been strong but will be even stronger on the other side of this catastrophic event. We are incredibly grateful for the support our clients, who are our friends, have shown us.