Why are intake forms important?

Why are intake forms important With so many options out there finding the right salon & spa can be daunting. Keep in mind that getting the most out of your experience is what really matters in the end and it should be a relaxing, blissful experience, but if it’s your first visit, it can be slightly nerve-wracking not knowing what to expect. Here is some helpful information that can act as a manual to help you make the ... [Read more]

Men and Spa Treatments

Think spas are strictly reserved for women? Think again. Research show that more men visit spas today than ever before. No longer must his romance-seeking wife or partner drag a man into the spa. Men have become acclimated to this once-mysterious world, and they are having a growing influence over the services now offered by spas. However, men do not have the long history of personal grooming habits that women do but still want to appreciate that their skin feels and looks better afterwards, ... [Read more]