• Please don’t say…”do whatever you like”
          It usually never ends well
  • Never refer to it as “bleach”
          We prefer “lightener”
  • Thin hair doesn’t have to be worn short
          A stacked bob looks incredible
  • We don’t wash hair – we shampoo it
          We can’t use the same word you use for doing dishes!
  • I’m a beautician – not a magician
          Be realistic – I can give you Gisele’s hair not her face
  • If you are running late , please call ahead
          It’s greatly appreciated
  • Don’t ask me to squeeze you in
          All my clients deserve my undivided attention
  • I’m not a psychologist
          But I’m always willing to listen
  • Bodies and Hair changes as hormones change
          Sad but true…Life Happens
  • A trim is not “just a trim”
          Would you say to your doctor…”it’s just a leg”?
  • Let me do my job
          Put the color box at the store down…leave it to the professional
  • Kids cuts aren’t child’s play
          Kids don’t sit can be “trying”
  • Sometimes we see women at their worst. That’s why…
          What happens at the salon…stays at the salon
  • I work hard to make you happy and want you to like what I’ve done. So…
          Tell me how happy you are, make me smile!