Mother’s Day Special at Sanctuary

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Let her know how special she is with a spa experience a day of pampering, attention and relaxation. This Mother’s Day let her be beautiful, loved and celebrated. Our Mother’s Day packages have been beautifully packaged together with some of our most popular services that include facials, massages and a variety of spa treatments. Whatever your budget or her preferences may be, Sanctuary’s Mother’s Day Spa packages are sure to warm her heart and ... [Read more]

10 Beauty Tips to Breeze Through Summer

Luxury Facial Treatments Orlando FL Summer is here. You want to spend more time outdoors, soaking up the sun on beaches, poolsides and gardens. You want to take those long drives, enjoying the wind and sun in your face. You want to plan trips to amusement parks with your kids. You want to put away your sweaters & boots and show off your skin. And of course, you want to skin to look glowing and healthy through it all. Frankly, ... [Read more]

Three words that will change your life… Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in Orlando FL With Laser hair removal becoming one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures in the U.S., our team of professionals provide the best possible treatments, using unparalleled technology that yields the safest and most effective treatments available. However, beware ….not all laser hair removal treatments are created equal and there are some thing need to be considered when deciding if Laser ... [Read more]

Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa your secret weapon for skin care in 2019

Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa your secret weapon for skin care in 2019 Gone are the days when our daily routine of skincare consisted of cleanse, tone and moisturize. The world of skincare and anti-aging treatments has developed into cutting edge technology with high quality, premium anti-aging products with the focus on demand for personalized skincare solutions for the savvy consumer. Clients are on a journey of exploration, ... [Read more]

The Evolution of Skin Rejuvenation

The Evolution of Skin Rejuvenation Hydra Refining Facial treatment is the latest development in the evolution of dermabrasion techniques, a skin rejuvenation treatment with immediate results after just one treatment. The Hydra Refining Facial treatment is a different kind of skin-enhancing treatment because of how it thoroughly exfoliates, hydrates and rejuvenates to instantly improve the overall appearance of the skin. Sanctuary ... [Read more]


ARE YOU A HOT TOOL ADDICT? Blow drying. Curling. Straightening. Hair relaxing and smoothening. It’s no secret that hot tools have become an invaluable resource when it comes to taming unruly strands, but excessive heat styling can leave your hair dry, dull, broken and permanently damaged. Consider giving your hair a day or two off to save the integrity of your hair. But if you are a hot tool addict, you need to take precautionary ... [Read more]

Celebrate Love!

Here’s a big question: Why do we spend 364 days out of the year racing through life, sprinting to the next appointment on our schedule, throwing fast food at our kids as we speed to their after-school activities, and waving to one another like ships passing in the night, until this one day, Valentine’s Day, when we intentionally set aside time to be with, and purchase gifts for, the people we love? Yes, it’s great to have one day a year set aside to celebrate love, and to do something special ... [Read more]

Show Some Valentine Love

Roses, jewelry, romantic dinners, getaways for two. That’s the traditional way of looking at Valentine’s Day. But traditions change. The sentiment behind Valentine’s Day is expressing affection for people you care about. Why not spend this coming Valentine’s Day with your BFFs or your best guy friends, or maybe your Mom or Dad? A getaway at a day spa can reinforce the bonds you share with family members or with people you think of as family while providing a needed ... [Read more]

What Your Esthetician Wishes They Could Say to You

We’re going to be frank. There are a number of things we – your estheticians – wish we could tell you. We see you up close and personal, probably know your pores better than you do, yet we’re afraid to be too honest, afraid that you’ll feel uncomfortable next time you come to visit. If we were free to say absolutely anything we want though, it would sound a lot like this: We hate causing you pain. Every time you cringe we die a little inside. We know you ... [Read more]

Warmth in Winter

Autumn is the time when hibernation starts. As the days get shorter, more time is spent inside. School starts up again, new foods are placed in the produce aisles, and our closets begin to shift. Women turn over their wardrobes looking toward autumn fashions, and everyone begins to crave different foods. Suddenly, that salad that seemed so nourishing during the summer holds no appeal. Our bodies know about the change of seasons from millennia of fine-tuning. They begin to load up on fats and carbs ... [Read more]